Cashmere is a fiber obtained from Cashmere goats.

The word “Cashmere” derives from an old spelling of “Kashmir”, a region now in northern India. Cashmere originated in the Himalayan regions of Central and Southwest Asia. Over centuries, cashmere goats have spread to various other mountainous areas such as China, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and other Central Asia Republics.

These goats thrive in adverse conditions, growing thick coats for cold mountain winters. In spring, the cashmere goats are combed for the downy under-layer of cashmere fibers.

These fibers are finer than the finest wool, and exceptionally soft, light and lofty. Since there is little quantity of production, Cashmere is a high-grade and expensive material.















*Cashmere CARE

NEVER place Cashmere items in the washer or dryer. DRY CLEAN for best results.

If HAND WASHING use lukewarm water (about 30℃) and a very mild soap or shampoo. Gently work the suds through the knitted textile and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Never wring or twist the textile as it will lose the original shape. When DRYING CASHMERE, gently squeeze excess water and lay the item out on a clean towel, adjusting it to its original shape, put another clean towel on the item and apply pressure to expel more water. Keep flat and in original shape to finish air-drying. NEVER HANG your cashmere item on a hanger as it will lose its shape. Rather, when the item is completely dry, gently fold and lay flat in a drawer until ready to use.









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